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Voici la présentation de l'école de Chypre, où nos élèves vont se rendre :


Presentation of the school

our school is in the center of nicosia the capital of cyprus.the school is one of the oldest and most famous and the 331 students and 50 teachers all live in nicosia.

we have laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology, computers, home economics, design and technology and a big playground.

in the main bulding there is a library where students can borrow books or do their study during the day.

we also have a very succesfull basketball and volleyball team (boys and girls).

i.e. kind of education

secondary high school . age of the students 12 – 15. their study in our school is for three years and after they continue for three more years in a higher level.

kind of school


field of studies

compulsory curriculum for three years and then the children have to move to a higher level. the subjects are mathematics, science, history, arts, physical education, music, modern greek, english, french, religious studies, geography, home economics, computers, design and technology.

kind of students involved in the project

the students involved are 12 to 15 years old and they are mixed boys and girls.

the names and first names of the teachers involved

- morphi maria

- christodoulou tasoula

- kyriakidou maria

- megalemou christiana

- christodoulou maria

- zarvou natalie

- demetriou lefteris